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RDM MICR Document Analyzers

If you are in the check printing business, you should probably have a MICR document analyzer, so assure your checks meet ANSI / ABA and Check 21 standards. MICR analyzers check magnetic signal - character wave form (shape) and stroke widths, character and field placements and other detailed characteristics which may affect acceptance or rejection of a check by banks and other payment processing organizations. Most end users don''t really need an analyzer if they are purchasing their toner, fonts, and software from a reliable source (Hint: Advantage Laser Products). Additionally, we offer free MICR document testing for our customers.

We use a QCX Qualifier, made by RDM Corporation. We print a sample check off every toner cartridge we produce and analyze it to insure that our cartridges live up to Check 21 and ANSI / ABA standards.

We carry the full line of RDM check analyzers including the QCX and the QCV lines.