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We Buy Empty HP Toner Cartridges

At we pay top dollar for your empty HP toner cartridges. The only way we can sell top quality remanufactured cartridges is to buy your empty toner cartridges. We only buy "Virgin" toner cartridges. Virgin toner cartridges are cartridges that have not been remanufactured. When we remanufacture a toner cartridge we want to start with a cartridge that has only been used it's original cycle. Buy using virgin cartridges we can provide you with the highest quality toner cartridges possible.

Steps to send in your empty HP toner cartridges:

  1. Get an RMA number - do not ship your empties without an RMA number. Before we give you an RMA number we will want a count of each toner cartridge you are sending. Click here to obtain an RMA Number.
  2. Pack Your Toner Cartridges - The original packaging is the best way to ship your toner cartridges. But if you have a large quantity of toner cartridges you may want to bulk pack the cartridges. Wrap each cartridge individually with bubble wrap. Also use a small to medium sized box. When we receive huge boxes (ie 24"x24"x24") of toner cartridges, we find most of them get damaged. We don't pay for damaged toner cartridges. We also don't pay for non-virgin toner cartridges. So pack your cartridges well. We will responsibly recycle any damaged toner cartridges back to HP. We will not return damaged cartridges back to the sender.

  3. Ship your toner cartridges via Fedex, UPS or US Mail. We find FedEx tends to be the most gentle with toner cartridges, but any of them is fine. Shipping cost is your responsibility. We do not pay for the shipping. Be sure to clearly mark your RMA # on the outside of any boxes you sending in to us. Also keep a copy of your tracking number, just in case.
Once we receive your empty toner cartridges, we will process your shipment within 3 business days. We print checks every Friday, so the Friday after we process your shipment, we will mail your check.

Empty Toner Cartridge Pricing

We only buy virgin cartridges that have not been remanufactured before.

Click here to Request an RMA # to sell us your empty toner cartridges

Ship Empty Toner Cartridges to:
c/o Advantage Laser Products

RMA # XXXX (RMA # Required)
1840 Marietta Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318